Sensors and Units

Message Converter


Message Converter Message Converter can be used to communicate between M5 and signage devices

Message Converter2021-04-15T09:06:03+00:00

ToF 2 Sensor


ToF 2 Sensor   ToF (Time of Flight) Ranging Unit resolves distance between the

ToF 2 Sensor2021-04-15T09:17:44+00:00

IR Unit


IR Unit   IR can send and receive IR light. Connection type: Digital, Analog

IR Unit2021-04-15T08:32:49+00:00

Ambient Light Sensor


Ambient Light Sensor   CJMCU-TEMT6000 Sensor is an Ambient Light Sensor module that uses

Ambient Light Sensor2021-04-15T08:26:01+00:00

Radar Sensor


Radar Sensor MH-ET LIVE Microwave Sensor is a microwave moving object detector designed using

Radar Sensor2021-04-15T09:12:55+00:00

4 Channel Dimmer


4 Channel Dimmer   The Multi-Channel AC Dimmer is designed to control the alternating

4 Channel Dimmer2021-04-15T08:21:41+00:00
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