Page settings

    Page settings.   In the Main Pages menu you can set the background of your page. See more about: Page Background.You can set a page to be your master page.You can also stretch and synchronise your content here. … Read More


  Properties     In the Properties Menu you can find Main and Other settings. Main Settings: Here you can find the specified settings of the selected element. And other main settings, such as: Size & Position, Font and more. Other … Read More


  Pages With pages you can make multiple canvases.   You can find the pages drop down menu in the top right corner of your canvas.   In this menu you can edit your pages, or make a new one. … Read More

Supported browsers

    Supported Browsers   We support many browsers such as: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. But we are using new technologies, old browsers may not support them sometimes.  

How to use our editor

  How to use our editor.       This is your main area of the editor. In the center of this area you can find your canvas. On the top you can set the resolution of your content, set … Read More