Content scheduler

    Content scheduler With the content scheduler you will be able to schedule your contents in calendar, similar as you schedule your meetings.       Each scheduler has a default content that plays when no other content has … Read More

Moving device to another server

    Moving device to another  To remove a device from one server and reconnect it to another one you don’t have to reinstall the software.     You can disconnect the device by reseting the screen in the editor … Read More

Set Time zone function

    Set time zone function With the set time zone function you can set the time to a different time zone on your devices. You can only use this function if you have the automatic time zone enabled on … Read More

Number of elements

    Elements     Basic elements  The Text element: With the text element you can print your own text to the canvas. See more about: Text element.  The Image element: With the image element you can add your own pictures … Read More

Scheduling pages

    Scheduling pages       You can find the schedule setting in the Page Settings Menu. Your default page will be the one always being displayed. You can set when to start and stop displaying your page. You … Read More

Home screen

  Home screen   On the Home Screen you can manage your Screens and your Contents, you can also find the Navigation Menus here.         In the top left corner you can find the settings to your … Read More

Restore content

Restore content   You can restore your lost content if you have a back up of it by importing the (.zip) file. See more about: Backing up your content. It is your own risk to back up your content, we … Read More

Backup content

  Backing up your content.     You can back up your content by right-clicking on the content and hitting Export Content. This will create an arhived folder on your pc, that you can import into your system later.  


    Layers. You can find the Layers Window in the top-right corner of the canvas.   You can manage your layers individually. You can rename, toggle helper lines, show / hide and lock / unlock your elements.  

Page connections

    Page Connection     You can set the order of your pages in the Dynamic Pages Menu. You can select the page you want to display after the current one.     You can set the orders of … Read More