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If you wish to update your previously installed devices to v3.0, first you have to update to version 2.21.06.x!
Or update the device from any version manually through the Install application function, or with USB storage!

Version 3.0.41

New features
  • Added Working Hours feature
  • Added CEC management feature
  • Added support for USB Thermal printers
  • Reworked the recovery menu with a new design and improved features
  • Reworked the configuration dialog with a new design and more options
  • Reworked the console with colored log messages
  • Improved the application lifecycle management
  • Reworked the caching algorithm to make it more stable, and handle slower internet connections better
  • Reworked the application structure for faster application load time
  • Reworked the external media player to improve their loading time and reliability
  • Reworked the WebView update algorithm, now it can update every WebView type(System WebView, Google System WebView, Chrome)
  • Reworked the device preview creation, the application can create better screenshots on un-rooted devices