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If you wish to update your previously installed devices to v3.0, first you have to update to version 2.21.06.x!
Or update the device from any version manually through the Install application function, or with USB storage!


Version 3.0.93

May 2, 2022

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue in the installation process that caused the application to fail registration on the server when it registers for the first time


Version 3.0.92

May 2, 2022

New Features
  • Added the option in the recovery menu to download the screen logs to a USB drive
  • CPU ABI, and used WebView implementation are added to the Screen Info
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the WebView did not load the assigned content, on devices that are using WebView versions 64 and 66
  • Fixed an issue where the cache storage location was not set correctly by the application which caused the content resources not to be updated
  • Fixed an issue where the external media player could be stuck on the screen when the video resource was downloading in the background
  • Fixed an issue where the caching algorithm could cache the same resource twice


Version 3.0.89

April 21, 2022

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the application did not send down events to sensors


Version 3.0.88

April 14, 2022

New Features
  • Added an HTTP server to the application that can receive sensor events
    The feature only works if the proper sensor configuration is set on the device.
  • Updated the ExoPlayer library to the latest version
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the webhook sensor event parsing did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where WebSocket disconnection between the server and the application caused the application to crash
  • Fixed an issue where some devices reported the rooted state incorrect
  • Fixed an issue when a badly constructed resource JSON could crash the application
  • Fixed an issue when a device woke up from working hours sleep it navigated to about:blank instead of the content
  • Fixed an issue on Qbic devices where the application tried to gather system information before the Qbic service was initialized and reported incorrect data to the screen info
  • Fixed an issue on some device types when the WebView loaded pages slowly, it caused the pages to not load at all


Version 3.0.81

March 30, 2022

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the unassigned.html did not load in after registering to the server
  • Fixed a bug in the device metric upload process to prevent huge uploads


Version 3.0.78

March 23, 2022

New Features
  • Added display on/off and working hours feature for Sony devices
  • The application can now receive not formatted sensor messages, supporting custom sensors
  • Added a loading dialog for some recovery functions
  • Caching now saves files to a temporary folder first and moves them to their final folder to make sure the files do not break during the download
  • Caching now ignores POST requests
  • Reworked the device metric upload process
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where IP address was not reported sometimes after the application started
  • Fixed a bug where the video end event was not reported properly
  • Fixed a bug where Sony devices could not update the application
  • Fixed a bug where the last application start was not reported properly
  • Fixed a bug where serial communication closing crashed the application
  • Fixed a bug regarding rotating files when the storage is almost full
  • Fixed a bug regarding putting down multiple external video players after content refresh
  • Fixed a bug where scheduled tasks did not execute at the proper time


Version 3.0.62

New Features
  • Downloading a log now forces the application to dump the application state into a text file
  • Added custom app starter feature that can launch the given application from content
  • Added Philips API support
  • Added configurable baud rate for comport
  • Optimized and improved the time synchronization service
  • Improved the code quality and usage format of device commands (i.e. LED control)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an OS issue where the Android system time fall back to 2015 after a hard reboot, and it could not be set back to the current date
  • Fixed a bug where the cache sometimes stored the same file twice
  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI camera to reboot continuously
  • Fixed a bug where the application did not collect the content info properly for audience statistics
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto-update not to work properly after migrating from 2.x to 3.0
  • Fixed an OS issue where boot animation could stuck on Android 7.1.2
  • Fixed a bug where the preview scheduler could stop working unexpectedly
  • Fixed a bug where the application reserved the USB ports without sensor configuration


Version 3.0.49

New Features
  • Added a user command to allow displaying untrusted websites in the WebView
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where on some specific devices the Led control crashed the device on startup


Version 3.0.48

New Features
  • Added configurable serial baud rate setting in the sensor configuration


Version 3.0.47

New Features
  • Added a memory watcher function that tries to release memory on the device if it reaches the limit by reloading the WebView, and force rebooting the device. The feature is disabled by default and can be set with the proper user command
  • Added a function to the interface for touch events in the WebView
  • Wallboard application will no longer change the orientation to landscape if it is not stored in the application preferences
  • Improved the offline/online state change handling
  • Improved the caching for newer Android versions
    • The cache will be stored on the internal storage on Android 9 and upper to adjust to the newer application requirements
    • The cache will be stored on the external storage if the device has less than 5GB of free space in the internal storage
  • Improved the working hours feature
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in permission getting if the device cannot grant WRITE_SETTIGNS permission
  • Fixed a few bugs regarding HDMI input
  • Fixed the focus point when opening the recovery menu
  • Fixed a bug where sensor configuration was needed for led control
  • Fixed a bug regarding locking down devices with Android 7
  • Fixed a bug where analytics reporting reported more than 100% CPU usage on peaks
  • Fixed a bug regarding DB9 communication and connection
  • Fixed a few bugs in the device and video rotation
  • Fixed a bug where Qbic devices uploaded preview in wrong orientation if only the content was rotated
  • Fixed a bug regarding external page loading
  • Fixed a bug where the install application command was not working on Qbic devices
  • Fixed a few bugs which caused crashes


Version 3.0.41

New Features
  • Added Working Hours feature. The feature now works on Giada devices as well on Qbic with the same configuration
  • Added CEC management feature
  • Added support for USB Thermal printers
  • Reworked the recovery menu with a new design and improved features
  • Reworked the configuration dialog with a new design and more options
  • Reworked the console with colored log messages
  • Improved the application lifecycle management
  • Reworked the caching algorithm to make it more stable, and handle slower internet connections better
  • Reworked the application structure for faster application load time
  • Reworked the external media player to improve their loading time and reliability
  • Reworked the WebView update algorithm, now it can update every WebView type(System WebView, Google System WebView, Chrome)
  • Reworked the device preview creation, the application can create better screenshots on un-rooted devices