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Status: Beta test
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  • Fixed a bug regarding lifting.

Version – Not released

  • Fixed a bug regarding HDMI Inputs.

Version – Not released

New feature
  • Added a new error message which will be shown if the unassigned license pool is reached the max limit on the server and the device is unable to install itself.
  • Added lifting configuration set up through Sensor designer application.
  • Completely reworked the functions related to ExoPlayer, and raised the ExoPlayer version to the latest one.
  • Replaced the UDP time synchronization with a new solution which as accurate as the NTP synchronization.
    The devices use NTP by default and if it is not available the devices will fall back to the new one.
  • Optimized the lifting function.
  • Fixed a bug where Qbic devices reported their max memory in a wrong format.
  • Fixed a bug where devices did not handle SSL error in Webview.