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AC Light Dimmer Module


The AC Dimmer is designed to control the alternating current voltage, which can transfer current up to 600V/16А.

It can be used for example to smoothly change the light brightness.

DO NOT use dimmer with normal LED, luminescent lamp or any other lamp with built-in brightness regulator, buy a dimmable LED or an incandescent light bulb.

WARNING: This module uses high voltage and can give you a lethal shock if you are not careful. Only attempt to use this module if you are well versed in handling high voltage.

Connection type: Digital
Can be connected into: PORT B
Cable type: Grove Universal 4 Pin Cable
URL: Official page


How to wire:(if bought from a different factory)

Grove * white yellow red black
Pin-out Z-C (Zero-Cross) PWM VCC GND

*Only if your grove look like this