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Leverage the power of digital signage to improve your communication with students and staff members.

Whether you need to display safety messaging, send emergency alerts, or provide interactive directories and wayfinding, Wallboard can help you meet any digital signage needs of your faculty.

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Meeting Room Signage Solution

Display Meetings, Events, & Announcements

Wallboard empowers educational institutions to use the potential of digital signage to its fullest potential.

Turn your screens into digital signs that effectively communicate crucial information and engage with your students, professors, and administrators on a deeper level.

Armed with a powerful toolset to create impactful content in just a few clicks, you can easily cut through the noise of smartphones and social media to get important messages across.

From broadcasting lost item announcements to providing easy wayfinding for visitors, with Wallboard, the sky is the limit.

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Manage Your Content from the Cloud

From important event reminders to emergency alerts, get the right information to your campus. Use our Desktop Broadcast App to instantly push notifications to desktops and broadcast data in real time.

Install our application on any device running on Windows 10 to get started right away.

Manage your digital signage content from anywhere in the world. Wallboard can be integrated with Microsoft Teams and Outlook to communicate with your students and staff securely.

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HP Printer Signage - Wash Hands

Create an Ecosystem of Connected Devices

Wallboard makes it possible to integrate multiple devices into one network for better impact.

You can display your digital signage content even on your printers! Our HP Printer Solution can transform your HP printer into a versatile sign to amplify your reach.

The Wallboard team will go the extra mile to provide a smooth onboarding experience for you and your team to get you up to speed in no time.

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