Designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind...

Interact with your customers and enhance targeting in a cost-effective, easy-to-use way!

Easy to manage...


Communicate with your audience via engaging, dynamic and interactive contents! Utilize your devices with touchscreens to entertain, inform, and invite your customers to express their opinion.

Utilize all displays in your store

Do you have a lot of devices in your shop? PCs, tablets, monitors or phones? Display on all these devices unique or item specific details.

Easy-to-use content editor

Your team can create custom contents from their own data sources. Design your unique content using charts and media files.

Remote control of your devices

Out of office? The cloud based, online editor helps you change your displays or manage your employees

It's an affordable way to make an impression.

Studies reported 82% recall rate of having seen digital signage, while 55% could recall the specific message displayed. What’s more, people spend longer time looking at digital content like videos, animated elements and dynamic widgets.

Create your unique contents

Various editor features

Enjoy the modern, dynamic elements of our user-friendly editor. Display your videos, scrolling texts, animated pictures and texts, use weather and time widgets or place a QR code to make your content more interactive.

Content template manager

Browse from our wide variety of templates.

Multiple displays

Your content can run on TVs, Monitors, PCs, Phones, Tablets or custom installed devices (e.g. signage columns)

Data binding

Display item-specific information and enjoy the automatic changes on your display from your Google Spreadsheets or XML files

Benefits of utilizing your screens for digital signage

Draw Attention

Add Visual Appeal

Improve Recall Rate

Engage Visually

Sell more


Easy to share...

Time and resource saver

Increase efficiency of your marketing communication by using our cloud based application and your devices.

Quick install

You can install Wallboard Display on a physical or virtual server, or as a web application in Azure.

Easy to use

Use all screens in your store: smartphones, tablets, monitors, tv-s easily.

Multiple users

Add more users with different permissions. Assign different roles to your team!

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