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Minimum Hardware specification (can handle up to 200 devices)

  • 4 core CPU (prefer dedicated cores)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 16GB SWAP
  • 240GB SSD (based on contents)

Recommended Hardware specification (can handle up to 1000 devices)

  • 8 core CPU (prefer dedicated cores)
  • 16GB RAM
  • 32GB SWAP
  • 1TB SSD (based on contents)


  • static IP address
  • it is recommended to have a Gbit network connection on the server

OS requirements

The Server is running on any OS supported by Docker (for example: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian), using MySQL as database and stores the uploaded files on the file system.

For more information:

Additional Requirements:

  • We need to have root access on the server.
  • A domain name. You can also use the ip address if preferred..
  • The storage path where you want the database to be placed.
  • A locally hosted VPS that we have access to.
  • We will require a SHH connection to be able to update and manage your server/

Things we recommend:

  • Google Analytics for your own use to see statistics and other reports that can be exported from the system.
  • Have a backup for the server in case your server needs to be recovered.
  • Have SSDs installed in raid.

If you want us to white label your server, click here for more information about White Labeling.

If you want instructions how to install our system on your server or want us to set it up for you, please contact us at

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