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External events in contents (sensor, datasource, api call, touch)

External Datasources: Connecting and handling external datasources Sensors: Sensors in general Sensor event handling in contents Datasource event: Datasource events in contents Interactive widgets and touch events: Interactive widgets and touch events Api calls, NodeJS and other custom scripts: Custom … Read More

Sensor events in contents

Sensor events  After connecting a sensor to a device (Android screen) via an M5stack or M5stick, you can send a configuration through the Home menu by right clicking on a screen or screen group, Manage, Set, Set sensor config. Example … Read More

M5 sensors

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Sensor setup guide

Sensor setup guide Please note that sensors only work with devices with an Enterprise license. Once you have got your M5Stack and the needed sensor you can begin setting up your first sensor connected interactive content. Let’s start by connecting … Read More

Sensor configuration

Supported devices

As today only Android devices are supported

Sensors – High level overview