Sample reports

Our WB server can call NodeJS scripts and pass over all the information for custom reporting. You can write your own script for the following events: Device Status Changed Event when the device goes online or offline { source: {}, … Read More

Sample applications

Sample datasource connectors (Facebook, Instagram, Feedly, Twitter, FB-workplace, spreadsheet) Connectors are NodeJs scripts that collects, refines and then returns data form a third-party API. All the connectors are built the same way, the only thing that is different between them … Read More

Create a dynamic widget

You can create your own custom widget using the NodeJS engine. In this case the script and the HTML content is inserted into an iFrame and displayed whatever is defined within it. To embed your NodeJS widget you have to … Read More

Create a dynamic datasource

You can use the NodeJS script to collect information from 3rd party datasources (e.g. external database or webservices) and return their values as a datasource table. This way you can integrate any datasource to WB system. When you call the … Read More

NodeJS – High level overview

The NodeJS engine is running on your server behind our other services. It is published so not only our devices can access it’s services but anyone who has the link. Using our template package Our template package contains: Instagram, facebook, … Read More