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The Wallboard Brightsign Client can handle simple sensors through GPIO or IR via

If input buttons are attached and pressed they send GPIO_X_ON or GPIO_X_OFF messages to the content when a button is pressed or released, where X is a number between 0 and 7 according to which port the pressed button is attached to.

If the content sends messages in the same format described at inputs, the client will configure the port which received an event as output, and set it’s pin’s value to either 0 or 1, so if a suitable display is attached it should show the received value.

You can configure the sensor events of the content in the editor at Content / External events / Editor sensor events

Example of configuring pin 0 and 1 as inputs where the content will navigate to the page named Menu when pin 0 is pressed, and navigate to page named Default when pin 1 is pressed. Also pin 2 is configured as output which will be turned on when the page Default is started, and turned off when page Default is ended:

You can read more about sensors here:

If your device has IR port you can use the following sensor events for transmitting or receiving:
IR_Transmit X
IR_Receive X true

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