user-friendly, dynamic display for your business


    cloud application for managing your display devices wherever you are


    display up-to-date information on your screens (tv, phone, tablet or pc)

A cloud application for your business

Create unique, personalized experience for your audience!

Utilize all displays in your store

You have hundreds of devices in your shop? PCs, tablets, monitors or phones? Display on all these devices item-specific details

Easy-to-use content editor

You and your team can create custom contents from own data sources. Create your unique content using charts and media files!

Quick to install and easy to display

You can install Wallboard Display on a phisical or virtual server, or as a web application in Azure and display via Windows and Android content players.

Real-time statistics

Display any real-time data automatically with our system


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Efficient way to communicate at the point of sale

Time and resource saver

Increase efficiency of your marketing communication by displaying customized information on your devices.

Remote control of your devices.

Web-based editor and device management lets you be informed and in charge at all times.

Cloud-based system

Choose web based interface or install our system to your server and use it without internet connection.

Secure communication

Secure access to the system.


Appearance matters!


Engage your audience via entertaining, dynamic and interactive contents! You can even create business processes in our content editor and collect infromation from your customers

Various editor features

Enjoy the modern, dynamic elements of our user-friendly editor. Display your videos, scrolling texts, animated pictures and texts, use weather and time widgets or place a QR code to make your content more interactive.

Multiple displays

Your content can run on TVs, Monitors, PCs, Phones, Tablets or custom installed devices (e.g. signage columns) or web-browser.

Content template manager

Browse from our wide variety of templates.


Display business data...

Product pricing

Connect your real time pricing data and distribute it to your displas

Data binding

Display item-specific information and enjoy the automatic changes on your display from your Google Spreadsheets or XML files

Visualize live data

Display any real-time statistics from the standard real-time report tables in the system via XML files.

Agent or stock state

Ability to display agent KPI or status information, or availability of a given product.

Multi tenant system

With our multi tenant system you can serve all your customers from a central wallboarding solution. Every customer can have different wallboard layouts and settings if needed.