High quality digital signage

Smart visual communication

WallboardDisplay helps corporations engage with their audiences, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Visualize live data

Display any real-time statistics from the standard real-time report tables in the system via XML files.

Agent or stock state

Ability to display agent KPI or status information, or availability of a given product.

Secure communication

Secured access to the system.

Multi tenant system

With our multi tenant system you can serve all your customers from a central wallboarding solution. Every customer can have different wallboard layouts and settings if needed.

It's a business priority to monitor performance

With 60% of customer communications still being phone based, it is a business priority to monitor the performance of inbound and outbound phone-based customer teams to deliver the best possible customer response and optimize team resourcing.

easy to create...

Easy-to-use content editor

Your team can create custom contents from their own data sources. Design your unique content using charts and media files.

Remote control of your devices.

Web-based editor and device management lets you be informed and in charge at all times.

Content template manager

Browse from our wide variety of templates.

Stay in control

Wallboard Display helps you stay in control of your business by giving you access to your most important data and metrics, wherever you are.

Multiple displays

Runs on TVs, Monitors, PCs, Phones, Tablets, signage columns or custom installed devices or display real-time information via Web-browser.

Time and resource saver

Control multiple devices and use your XMLs to customize information on each display.

Cloud-based system

Web based interface with user roles

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