New clock widget

You will be able to create your custom analog clock: select face and hands from our library or add a custom one. Also you will be able to set the time zone manually:

Better content synchronization of multiple screens

In case you have long pages with animations and videos on multiple screens, you can see an improved real-time replay of the contents well synchronised between all of your devices

Google calendar, document, sheet

All of your google documents can be easily embedded in our system as a widget

Smoother video content transitions

When you have multiple videos, or galleries in your content, instead of looking up the exact length of each video to set the duration of your pages, you can set the time of swapping to the next page to happen … Read More

Syncing contents

When you have multiple screens with the same content next to each other it looks bad if the contents on them are not synchronized. There are three levels where we sync the devices: the system clock to the server when … Read More

Speed up the content editor

As you have noticed, there are many settings options for every element in our content editor. We have realized that as we are adding more options the browser speed gets slower. Currently we are working on speeding up the user … Read More

Pagination in the superadmin pages

To speed up the superadmin interface there will be a pagination in the code, so the frontend interface won’t download all the data when you navigate there

Schedules in calendar format

You will be able to create schedules in calendar, similar as you schedule your meeting. Each schedule will have a default content to play, and you can add other contents to time frames