Wallboard is a software company dedicated to building the world’s best digital signage content management system (CMS).

The Wallboard CMS has been in development since 2012 with over 400,000 lines of software code in the latest version and the same core developers still working on the team. The development team is led by founder, Robert Simon, near Budapest, Hungary and includes 25+ developers on full-time staff. Business operations are led by Rod Roberson and based out of Dallas, Texas.

Wallboard currently has 60+ reseller/distribution partners selling its products/services in 25+ countries around the world with 20,000+ digital signage screens online.

Compatible Devices

Wallboard supports many different players and operating systems with native applications.

Certified Media Players

Wallboard now offers Wallboard-Certified Media Players. We have extensively tested these devices and worked with the manufacturer to optimize our software on this specific chipset and version of Android OS. These devices come with Wallboard-customized firmware and a pre-loaded APK.

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