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After our system is installed to your server, we can white label it for you, so you can sell it as your own product. If you want to get more information about our server prerequisites, click here.

For white labeling, we need:

  • A favicon (.ico), which will be appeared next to the name of your website on the browser’s tab.
  • A logo (.jpg), which will replace our logos.
  • Backgrounds (.jpg), you want to have in the background of the login screen.
  • A watermark (.png) which will be appeared above the users content if they run out of licensed screens or their license expires.
  • URL-s for a tutorial video, helps. If you don’t want the Help button to point to our knowledge base.
  • Color codes of the main colors of your design, that goes with your logo and backgrounds.
  • An SMTP server (optional). If you want feedback from your users we need these information. Also, if a user request a content, the request are forwarded to these addresses. Further more, we recommend this feature, because it sends us really basic information about how many screens are running, which way we can have a basic knowledge, how our system holds up with various numbers of screens, so we can make the most out of our product to be as fast as it can be even under pressure. To add the SMTP server to the system, we will need the following information:
    • the host’s domain
    • the host’s port
    • we need to know if it uses TLS or not
    • the admin username
    • the admin password
    • the e-mail address of the ‘from e-mail’. This e-mail will be the displayed as the sender.
  • An error message that will be displayed in case the server goes down for some reasons.
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