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Selecting Android Player


Our software can run on any Android 4.4+ devices, but there are hardware and quality differences between the devices (we have tested 100+ different types of devices):


Basic devices: these are entering levels of devices, mainly in the cheap (20-50 USD) price range. These devices can be perfect for simple use, but we do not recommend the for 24/7 usage. Here you can find many of these devices


Mid-range devices: they are produced by better known names like Minix or Beelink. They are in the 50-150 USD range, their quality assurance is higher, and you can count with these producers for long term. Here you can find several Minix or Beelink devices


Professional devices: these devices are for 24/7 use, include built in battery, and can be configured to automatically switch on and off. AOpen is one of these producers.


We always recommend our partners to test the devices before they order a large quantity.


Rooting device is always recommended. Our application with root privileges can access system functions like syncing time, restarting device or updating application in silent mode.

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