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Using interactive elements.



First you have to place the Interactive Elements on to the canvas.

You can choose from 7 Interactive Elements: Checkbox, Radio button, Reset, Submit, Sumbit all, Collection, Input.



Then you have to name your Button Group.
If you want your Interactive Elements to interact with each other,
their Button Group name has to be the same.
With the Checked Switch you can set the starting value of your Interactive Elements
to be checked or unchecked.


You can select an image to be displayed when your Interactive Elements is selected
and also another one when it is not selected.
(For example: when a Checkbox is checked or unchecked)
You can name your element in the Event Name field, and later that will be displayed.
(For example: in the Collection Element.)

You can set the Checked and the Unchecked Value of your Interactive Elements.

Later the value will be displayed in the Collection Element next to it’s name
depending on if it is selected or not.


You can also send the collected data to an e-mail with the Submit Element.

You can set the e-mail address in the bottom of the page settings.


Here you can see that the Collection Element shows
the unchecked value of the Box1, 
and the checked value of the Box2.

Watch a walktrough about this process:

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