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Installation Guide 


  • Make sure you have an empty storage device connected to your player (SDCard Class 10 SDXC). It must be formatted using FAT32 or ExFAT.
    If the storage device is not empty the install process will not work! 
  • Make sure the player Ethernet cable is connected, so the player can obtain an IP address. 
  • You will need a computer connected to the same network as the player to remotely access the BrightSign player’s web interface. 
  • Ensure your screen is factory reset and set up the basic settings. 



  • Update the firmware of your device to the latest release 
  • Set up your device time 
  • Configure your Wifi if needed 


The installation process is easy, it just takes 8 basic steps: 


  • Unzip the .zip file to your SDCard (Class 10 SDXC) which you can download from the editor user interface


  • Plug your screen and your devices to BrightSign (e.g. the monitor touchscreen connector, keyboard, mouse, multi-functional controller). 
  • Turn on the device and wait while the device ask for the storage device 
  • Plug your SDCard (Class 10 SDXC) on your BrightSign.Page Break 
  • Enter your Server-URL, where do you wish to assign the screen to. 


  • If the connection with the server is established you will see a 4 digit long unique identifier in the left bottom corner of the screen. 
  • Add your screen with this 4 digit code on the web interface. 

  • Your display will appear on the web interface and you are able to connect content to it. 


  • Assign the content to the screen


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