Installation on IAdea

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Android secret menus

    Android secret menus There is a hidden recovery menu of the android application, that was designed to help with debugging and gives you the ability to reach the android and application settings. To open the recovery menu please … Read More

Updating clients remotely

    Updating clients remotely     You can update a screen or screen groups in the right-click menu.   Go under the manage screen sub-menu where you can find the Update screen(s) feature.   This feature will force the device(s) … Read More

Selecting Android Player

Selecting Android Player   Our software can run on any Android 4.4+ devices, but there are hardware and quality differences between the devices (we have tested 100+ different types of devices):   Basic devices: these are entering levels of devices, … Read More

Content caching on Android

Content caching on Android   For being able to load the content without internet connection our client application stores all the components of a content on the device storage and supplies the embedded browser locally. This also reduce the network … Read More

Android features

Android features   On an Android device our client application can do the followings: Lock down the device for better a performance Set system volume and brightness Auto update the application Sync the time and the content all of your … Read More

Removing Android client

Removing Android client   If you want to remove our application from a device, you have to do the following steps: Unlock the device to enable the disabled applications Restart the device and the Home screen chooser will appear (if … Read More

Managing Android client

Managing Android client   When you have the client application up and running on the device, and it is online, you can control the device on the editor interface with right clicking on it.    

Installation on Android

  Installation on Android       Download our latest application from your editor interface, from the download menu in the right upper corner of the editor. Enable wifi or Ethernet connection on the device.      You can also … Read More

Locking down Android

Locking down Android   Locking down the device means that our application will optimize the Android system for running as a digital signage device: it disables preinstalled softwares, removes other home screen applications, and sets the boot animation. Locking down … Read More