We are the developers of the software and can enter into the market with the help of our partners. Let us support each other to reach our common goal and make success.

This market segment is before a big boom!

The Digital Signage market is projected to grow to a total revenue of 13.4 billion
dollars by 2019. The yearly growth is above 10%. This is because all companies have
to cope with more and more challenges brought about by digitalisation, they need to
become unique and emerge from the marketing noise.

Some reasons to become WALLBOARD DISPLAY reseller in your country/region

Service from the cloud or on-premise, but you can also have your own white labeled system

WALLBOARD DISPLAY is the most easy-to-use content editor and digital signage system on the market, and we keep develop it

We provide a hardware independent system

Easy licensing model

Unique reseller discounts up to the license volume

We support vertical segment exclusivity in your country

How does it work?

We make a reseller contract with you in which:

We create your own, OEMed system with a licence framework for your company, and
you will pay after the licences you use.


If you sell licences, your company gets commission,


We install the licences you order on your server, and for those you pay the
licence fee with the discounts.

WALLBOARD DISPLAY is the only SaaS product which offers great profit with smooth
selling process and excellent licence rates.

We know that Digital Signage is a complex system. Reseller partners have to work
with the software, the content to display, the hardver, the installation
management and system maintenance, so that’s why we are offering you the simplest
marketing solution possible.

Become our reseller!

In the last years we developed a valuable network with the best international
partners and resellers, who we cooperate with to help them offer a complete
Digital Signage solution to their customers working in retail, hospitality,
restaurants, building operation, agencies and other fields.

We are happy to serve reseller partners working in any field of Digital Signage
and location.

Use our system, resources and technical support

Use our reseller and volume discounted prices

Other benefits

The advantages of becoming the reseller of WALLBOARD DISPLAY:

You can increase your company’s income

With the use of digital, you can expect better ROI

You can enlarge the range of your service and products offered to your customers

You can generate further income on the sales of the hardware and on content design

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