Digital Signage is the next generation of effective communication in both private and public spaces. Our Content Management System leverages the most advanced technology to make creating, editing and managing content and screens both seamless and easy.


Digital signage is a platform for pushing digital media and brand/organizational messaging via a network of digital displays.  From a single digital display, a video wall, or a network of multiple screens, unique and dynamic content can be created and pushed to public and private audiences.   And because these screens are digital, an exponential amount of information can be pushed to the physical space as compared to a traditional printed sign or advertisement.  All of this gives digital signage the potential to become a powerful tool to increase audience engagement and more effectively convey your message.


Wallboard is a digital signage content management platform developed to provide users with simple and straightforward tools to build complex, dynamic and powerful content without the need for expensive custom development. The platform is made up of three main components:

Control Center

Our Control Center allows you to create, edit and schedule content to a network of screens from any browser.


An on-premise or cloud-based server syncs content to local media players.


Local media players connect and push content to digital displays.

What Differentiates Wallboard

Drag and Drop Content Editor

Our graphic editor allows you to design the content structure, place and resize elements anywhere, anytime with drag and drop and use as many layers as you want, to create irresistible contents. Use your own images and media files or browse our extensive image gallery to create eye-catching and beautiful contents.

Animation of Elements

The eyes of your audience are attracted by the luminous screens, but the attention is drawn by motion. Add animated, moving elements to your contents to highlight them to make your communication more effective.

Infrastructure Agnostic

We provide a cloud-based server service to our partners, however if you need an on-premise installation, the system can work on-premise as well.

Advanced Playlist and Scheduling Features

Contents can have multiple pages which you can connect in a desired order and set sequence individually. Our content templates help you to easily create what you need.

Easy-to-Connect Live Data Integration

If you have real time data , price lists, stock information, you can integrate them to your contents and the data generated will be automatically refreshed on your displays.

Interactive Content without HTML Coding

Interactive screens help you to communicate more effectively and raise customer satisfaction. You can utilize your touchscreens to have complete work processes, ordering process or customer satisfaction surveys displayed and used.

API Toolkit for Custom Application Development

Sensor integration

Would you like to start a particular content when somebody enters your shop or when takes an item off the shelf? What if you could show different contents to men and women? Our solution can help you with that.

Players for Android, Windows, BrightSign, LG and Samsung systems

If you would like to display contents on big screens, then our Android player will be the most cost effective solution. If you want to communicate with your audience on touchscreens, your best option is an all-in-one PC with Windows. It’s your choice and we support you with both.

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